PCI Sound Card

CMI/HT8738 4-channel sound card


* The sound chips used CMI/HT8738
* Support 4-channel surround sound output, support for DLS sound library technology support A3D 1.0 and DS3D, DirectSound 3D and EAX audio compatible. Supports 24-bit SPDIF
OUT and SPDIF IN, daughter card can also support optical input and output
* Chip noise ratio reaches 120dB, PCI Plug and Play bus interface – full duplex playback and recording-HRTF 3D audio spatial positioning, support Dircet Sound 3D and A3D interface
* Wide range of operating system platform, support for MSDOS, WINDOWS3X, 9X, NT, WIN2000, LINUX and other platform-MPU-401 GAME / MIDI port and surround sound SB
16 support – downloadable wavetable synthesis devices
* Support for Direct Music-SPDIF digital audio indicators: 1.24 bit stereo, 44KHz sampling sound recording and playback 2.120dB playback quality full-duplex audio 3.automatically detect SPDIF / IN
* CRL 3D Audio Technology
* Support Microsoft D3D and Aureatr the 3D interface
* Support 2 / 4 speakers and DLS
* Wave table music synthesizer support
* Sound Card compatible with the traditional
* Full-duplex playback and recording
* Support Windows 98 / Windows2000/XP/NT signal voltage (0.5V ~ 5V)

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